Month: December 2014

LSU SRP and Big Buddy Program Partner for Thanksgiving Camp

Thanksgiving Camp 11.26 (39)

Students in Big Buddy’s Touring with the Tigers Thanksgiving Camp participating in an air pollution activity.

LSU SRP hosted 22 students between the ages of 9-13 for Big Buddy’s Touring with the Tigers Thanksgiving Camp. The LSU SRP Research Translation Core and trainees Cholena Ren and Elisabeth Feld gave presentations and led hands on demonstrations. Feld and Ren led an air pollution activity entitled “Understanding the Chemistry of Air” using Legos to demonstrate the connection between fuel combustion and environmental health issues. They also discussed the importance of studying particulate matter and their research on environmentally persistent free radicals (EPFRs). LSU SRP Research Translation coordinator, Kelli Palmer, led a scientific method activity in which students determined the ratio of different colors in a bag of M&M’s.

The Touring with the Tigers Thanksgiving Camp is an annual camp held by Big Buddy that allows students to have up-close and personal experiences in different departments on LSU’s campus. The LSU SRP participated in the “science exploration” stop of the tour. LSU SRP’s collaboration with Big Buddy is a part of an ongoing partnership established to promote environmental education to K-12 students in Louisiana. Click here for more.